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OpenPro has been in business since 1998.  OpenPro has built the first completely web based ERP business software in the industry. 

 Now in 2005 all the other companies are starting to see the purpose of web based software and plan to catch up in the next few years.  

OpenPro currently has over 75 partners around the world.

This year OpenPro is expecting to grow 120% from last year.  

Are you looking for a way to leverage your company to meet the business management solutions of customers in virtually any small and medium-sized organization? If so, a unique and exciting opportunity awaits you. OpenPro Software is committed to providing our business Distributors with reliable products and great technological vision while resting on a foundation of dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative marketing programs, expert pre-sales assistance, and award-winning support services. Quite simply, no other business management solution software provider offers their business Distributors more competitive, all-encompassing product solutions and Distributor programs. We invite you to join us!  

Discover OpenPro’s Competitive Edge

With increasing demand for our products, your revenue opportunities have never been greater! We have the strength and knowledge to maintain our rapid growth — even in an unpredictable business economy. OpenPro is the first complete Web-Based ERP software solution  is the world’s leading provider of Web-Based business management solution software.  

Leverage a High Growth Market

In North America, we exclusively address the small and medium-sized business marketplace, with our standard ERP solution which includes businesses with up to 1,000 employees. Our product family satisfies the industry specific needs of companies in this market space through its more than 25 years experience, extensive development resources and targeted acquisitions of successful product lines.   

Integrate and Migrate – A Unique Opportunity

The focus of our development strategy centers on delivering reliable solutions that are built from the ground up on the most current business platforms with hooks for integrating a wide array of productivity tools and office applications. Integration of applications is essential to providing customers with responsive business management systems that give access to all required functions from one source. In addition, integration enables centralized control, automatically updating related system modules for real-time reporting and analysis. It also offers the ability to add new applications as they become available. Further, our product strategy incorporates agile and fully integrated software functionality with our customer’s business processes. Consistency in this area across our product lines has paid off because we can offer customers a smooth transition when they are ready to migrate to a more robust solution — retaining customers for life. 

As a OpenPro Software business Distributor, you are one of the most important assets of our business, and we are intensely dedicated to your development and success.

 To maintain this commitment, we continually strive to provide you with the most effective, innovative programs to help generate qualified leads. We understand the critical nature of keeping your pipeline full of new prospects and helping you expand your business opportunities. Therefore, we provide an aggressive corporate marketing strategy to guarantee brand awareness. To build OpenPro Software as the brand of choice, we consistently produce corporate and product-specific advertising in numerous national business publications. We also administer issue-oriented public relations campaigns and exhibit in major trade shows to maintain a strong trade and media presence. In addition, we offer the following programs for your benefit. 

OpenPro Select Distributor Program

This special distinction is filled with rewards for your business if you exclusively sell and support OpenPro products in the marketplace. For your dedicated focus and singular commitment to OpenPro Software, you will receive numerous benefits such as lead priority and increased margins on new customer sales.  

Cross-Product Referral Program

This exciting new program offers you the opportunity to satisfy your clients' product needs and earn additional revenue on OpenPro applications for which you are not yet authorized. We assist you by recommending OpenPro Distributors who represent these other product lines. Plus, this program helps you to build relationships with Distributors for referrals on the products that you carry.  

OpenPro Software Accountants Network and Consultant Programs

The OpenPro Software Accountants Network  is a network of thousands of public accounting firms who become members to access software and services that are designed with accountants in mind. OpenPro is successful because each  member is aligned with a OpenPro Software business Distributor to recommend clients for assistance with their automated accounting and business management needs. 

Similar to OpenPro Software Accountants Network, our Consultant Programs can offer you another opportunity to form an alliance with business professionals in your community who are in a position to recommend business management solution software to their clients. 

Turnkey Marketing

Conducting your own lead generation campaigns is often the most effective way to increase your sales volume, but it may require resources that are not readily available to you. With that in mind, we offer a broad range of proven turnkey marketing programs and templates to help make marketing simple and effective.  

Vertical Market Opportunities

We Distributor with niche Industry  leaders who have established a national presence in key vertical markets. This program can create new service and product opportunities for you in several vertical industries.  

Co-op Marketing

Our Co-op Marketing Program is an excellent way to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Under this program, we provide partial reimbursement for approved marketing activities.  

Business Distributor Marketing Guide

Based on the guidance of our most successful business Distributors and industry to help apply results-oriented marketing strategies and campaigns to your business.  

To have a OpenPro Software representative contact you to discuss our Business Distributor program in more detail, complete and submit our Distributorship info request, or call us at 714-378-4600.
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