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Solutions by Industry & Markets

OpenPro is the first Web Based ERP system available.  Our latest version 4 is capable of running on any operating system and SQL database.

OpenPro offers business software solutions for every company looking for more value and more features from their ERP solutions. Since 1998 we have been delivering Web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies, and international enterprises.

OpenPro supports most industries with a complete ERP software solution.  As a provider of manufacturing ERP software, OpenPro excels in its MES software and manufacturing inventory software.  The financial accounting software supports a closed loop financial flow, and offers government accounting software.

Another of the many business software solutions is a complete retail POS system, while distributors benefit from the supply chain management software.

Because OpenPro is built using open source technology, both the initial purchase price and the ongoing maintenance expense can be up to 80% less than Windows-based ERP software solutions, while offering a broader range of functionality. 

Our latest version 4 is capable of running on any operating system and SQL database.

OpenPro is dedicated to building dynamic business software solutions that are designed to maximize the efficient management of your business. We develop our products so that our customers can easily choose from a complete web-based ERP software solution that works for the following markets.

Integrated Financial Accounting Software

Companies can benefit greatly from our award-winning  financial accounting software designed to easily accommodate growth and smoothly migrate to the next level of sophistication in our OpenPro Software family.

We provide ERP solutions for commercial businesses and non-profit organizations; we also provide government accounting software.

Manufacturing ERP Software

At OpenPro, the functional needs of manufacturers are a major focus of our business software solutions. Our solutions span the spectrum from small, custom job shops to multiple warehouse operations and process manufacturers, from supply chain management software to manufacturing inventory software.  And because all of our products are web-based, all of your company's data and resources are available at every location, even outside contractors can review the job status or production schedule over the internet.

Distribution,  Supply Chain, Mail Order and Retail POS system

Our distribution solutions meet the specialized requirements of durable or non-durable wholesale distribution companies, regardless of the size or nature of their businesses.

Our Point Of Sale (POS) solution is web based so interfacing all the stores is automatic.

Customer Relationship Management & Contact Management

At OpenPro, our customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help companies get the most from every contact their company has with customers and prospects, plus deliver high-quality customer service that can set their businesses apart from the competition.  OpenPro has a knowledge based information system built in so a customer service representative can enter in a question and the knowledge base can help find the correct answer to help the customer faster.  Our work flow management system will automatically route all questions to the correct department for a fast turn around.

Human Resources and Payroll Solutions

Managing a company’s greatest asset — their employees — often presents major challenges to growing organizations. Our integrated line of Human Resources, payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions provides comprehensive and robust tools that streamline critical employee-oriented business processes.

Fixed Asset Management

We offer fixed asset management solutions to meet the diverse demands of growing businesses, including solutions designed specifically to help government, schools, and nonprofit organizations meet government and asset accounting requirements.

Nonprofit and Government

Nonprofit, school and government organizations have their own unique accounting and fundraising demands and we develop systems designed specifically to meet their needs.

Practice Management

To meet the needs of CPA firms and accounting professionals, we offer an array of management and productivity applications.  Because our product is web-based a CPA can be connected to all his clients over the web.  Without costly firewalls, communications programs, etc.

E-Commerce and Web

OpenPro has built in E-commerce module to meet the needs of any company, we offer an array of different designs and styles to make your E-Commerce site unique.

Service, Time Tracking, Scheduling and Billing

For Service organizations, you can schedule your service technicians and generate bills from the schedule. This can be used for HVAC, Computer Services, Appliances, and more.

Professional Services Management, Medical solutions

To meet the needs of Professional services firms such as lawyers and accountants, recording and reporting time are critical to efficient operations.  To help simplify this OpenPro has a calendar that breaks down the time and shows billable hours and generates the bills accordingly. Like everything with OpenPro remote access is built into the system.

Medical solutions for Hospitals,  Doctors office, with web based patient information more available and electronic document control and calendar scheduling.  Also a medical knowledge base for looking up solutions.  Interface for portable terminals that run Wince.


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