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Distribution Supply Chain Management

OpenPro offers business software solutions for every company looking for more value and more features from their ERP solutions. Since 1998 we have been delivering Web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies, and international enterprises.

OpenPro supports most industries with a complete ERP software solution. As a provider of manufacturing ERP software, OpenPro excels in its MES software and manufacturing inventory software. The financial accounting software supports a closed loop financial flow, and offers government accounting software.

Another of the many business software solutions is a complete retail POS system, while distributors benefit from the supply chain management software.

Welcome to the distribution section of our ERP software solution. Please use the image map below to choose which area of our supply chain management software you would like to visit.

Customer Service
Sales Analysis
Warehouse Management
OpenPro ERP Distribution
Point Of Sale
Inventory Control
Order Entry


Distribution Supply Chain Feature Highlights

OpenPro ERP software provides wholesalers and distributors with  enterprise-wide business software solutions to maximize control over operations and inventory and better service customers. It's ideal for operations that need quick order entry procedures, visibility of operation from the order entry screen, and extensive lot and serial tracking capabilities. In addition to extensive shipping and multi-warehousing management capabilities.

OpenPro offers an array of those features most sought by wholesalers and distributors in supply chain management software. 

These include the ability to handle multiple pricing and discount levels, comprehensive sales history reporting, complete multi-tier commission tracking,  as well as support for fractional pricing and choice of inventory control methods. In addition, inventory tracking is greatly facilitated through Web-based ordering and the software's ability to accommodate bar code readers. The system is seamlessly integrated with our retail POS system.

Since OpenPro is a real time, integrated system with complete financial accounting software, all information regarding purchase orders, sales orders, credit limits and inventory status is always through real time processing.

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